farmer johnWelcome to the Simmental Quebec Magazine.

Farmer’s Life! My name is John and I am glad you are here as I expect to have some fantastic discussion with you about agriculture.

We can discuss anything really, but allow me to tell you about my areas of interest that steer the majority of the subjects here. I raise corn and wheat on a farm with my father and¬†grandpa. I am also a proud holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Soil and Crop Management.

On this site, you will read a whole lot of the everyday activities on our farm. I’ll explain why it is we do certain things and discuss topics that make me excited about farming.

I truly love precision agriculture. It is taking farming to new heights. I am all about the latest and best in agricultural technologies. Mobile technology is wonderful and a growing force in farming. I believe the actual power of mobile really lies in using social media to connect ag to folks that aren’t knowledgeable about farming.

There are types of farming I know nothing about and have linked to other farmers from throughout the world to help me understand.

We will also talk about a number of different topics like ethanol, food problems, international agriculture, and farm policy.

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