Urban Farming

When we think of farming and agriculture, the first thing would likely pop on our heads would be abundant vegetation and lush greenery among the hills and the hills. But now, due to technology and the new agriculture methods caused these improvements, farming is currently being adapted even by people that live in the city. Farming is no longer restricted in the rurals. It’s gradually made its way into the urban landscape.

So you would like to create your own miniature farm in your backyard? That is so simple. Your condo or apartment does not have to remain as a lifeless box of glass and concrete. The fantastic thing about farming in town is that you don’t have to give up your urban lifestyle to partake and enjoy farming. To make your own backyard, you could begin by planting herbs in tiny pots. Herbs like oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary are fantastic for these tiny containers. This is suggested for starters by the way. But if you are the experimental and the garden geek kind you could plant seasonal fruits and veggies. Just remember when choosing what to plant, ensure it won’t occupy too much space and upkeep. Bear in mind that you’re living in a confined space so that it should not eat up plenty of room in your backyard.

Urban farming is gradually becoming popular among urban dwellers as it doesn’t just decorate but in addition, it conserves the environment also. So enjoy the joys of gardening and begin urban farming now.